March 18th, 2018

Bethany & Jordan’s Charming VA Wedding

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re at least somewhat familiar with my love of Jane Austen. So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that Bethany wanted a “Pride and Prejudice” vibe to their wedding! Honestly, I couldn’t contain my excitement! We had been watching the weather all week, anticipating rain (the last time I shot at King Family we were under a tornado watch during the reception)! I understandably wanted the wedding day to be perfect, with that perfect radiant warm summer light. A girl can dream! Fortunately though, that is exactly what we got!

We started our day at a charming little house about 15 minutes away from the venue where the girls got their hair and makeup done upstairs. The house radiated a chic and rustic farmhouse charm, something I’m sure Jane Austen herself would have approved of. King Family Vineyards also seems straight out of an Austen novel with it’s mountainous backdrop, stables, rolling hills, and its rustic yet elegant ballroom. I loved how Bethany and Jordan incorporated heirlooms into their wedding day too such as Bethany’s grandparents rings, a six pence for her shoe, and a pocket watch for Jordan. They also incorporated one of my new favorite traditions, burying the whiskey! If you’re unfamiliar with this tradition, the whisky is meant to be buried one month prior to the wedding, full and upside down in the ground, in order to keep the rain away. Needless to say I think it worked because this day was nothing short of perfect, leaving this little photographer “perfectly and incandescently happy.” And now I’m going rein in the nerdiness and leave you with these beautiful images from their day!


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